Make People Snap to Attention and Focus on You!

Attention is a very important thing to many people, but it is especially important to sales people who need to persuade potential clients into investing on their products or services. The problem is how to make people snap to attention and listen? Below are five (5) important tips that will help any sales person get people to turn their attention towards whatever it is that he or she is saying or discussing.


  • Be succinct. People in the modern day are too busy to be listening to very long explanations and talks. Therefore, there is no need to discuss in detail and eat the time of the potential client. Cut to the chase and get to the point. This will may even work to the sales person’s advantage because this might rouse the curiosity of the client, compelling them to ask more information and chances are, they will eventually listen more attentively.
  • Be prepared. There is a saying that goes, ‘failure to prepare is preparing to fail’, and sales persons and leaders should know that they need to be able to identify the most important things needed in making a prospected buyer buy. Thus, they have to be fully prepared on what to say or discuss that will stir the attention of the client to whatever they are saying or talking about. Everything about a product, a business or even current ev
    ents may be asked so it is also best for sales people and leaders to have them at the back of their mind just in case the need arises. It will definitely hurt their pitch if they go blank in the middle of a sales presentation or open forum.
  • Be conversational and listen. Sometimes, sales people and leaders are too lost in what they are talking about that they tend to forget to listen. To have that precious attention directed to the topic being discussed, it is best to let the listeners or clients to respond and make their own comments on the topic on hand. This will make the talk a lot livelier and proactive. More importantly, everyone is able to retain whatever topic is being discussed.
  • 1f16074Be aware of body language. Body language is one to look up when talking with a client or making a speech. When the listeners start to stir in one or more direction, start looking here and there, or start worrying about anything in the table they are occupying, these signal that you just lost your audience. What you can do is start making the talk conversational or get to the point.
  • Be authentic. No one wants to hear about a talk twice or more so it is best to ensure that the talk is authentic and not a rehash from someone else’s speech or talk. A good talk will always mentally challenge a listener, and that is when the attention is focused on the speaker, may it be a leader or a sales person.

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